Ana’s Playground

Ana throwing a rock to distract the sniper on the set of Ana's Playground

My brother-in-law has a job that has to sound fun to anyone – he’s a stuntman.  In November, he came to Minneapolis to assist his good friend Eric Howell with the making of a film called Ana’s Playground.  It’s a short movie being filmed to raise awareness about child soldiers around the world.

Todd invited me to the set over lunch to see how a still photographer works on set – and to see the movie being filmed.  It was a bitter cold grey day that chilled me to the bone during the two hours I was on set.  During this time, I was able to see a scene being filmed where she’s dodging a sniper’s bullets in the courtyard.  This shot was taken as she was throwing a rock to divert the attention of the sniper.

Vital Stats: Canon 40D w/Canon 24-105 f/4L @ 105mm  ISO100, f/4, 1/60 sec.

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