Team C4 Joins with a Bang

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This is the third of four Minneathlon 2.0 team pictures that I want to share.  This is Team C4 – Dan and Steve.  Most teams came to me with an idea of what they wanted to do – and they were no exception.  They rounded up the skeleton from the ME department and my practice hand grenade.  They did the rest – including the curious look on Steve’s face.

Technically, this is a natural light shot with indirect light coming from large east-facing picture windows to their left.  Since it was late afternoon, the light was coming from the West and reflecting off the buildings across the street.  The net result was a nice warm glow and indirect softness.  I added the ‘300’ filter in Lightroom to give it the final look.

Vital Stats: Canon 40D w/Canon 50mm f/1.8 II.  ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/100 sec.

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