Vernazza Harbor

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This picture is of the harbor in Vernazza, Italy – the 4th town in the Cinque Terre.  The Cinque Terre is a unique and picturesque area in northwestern Italy made up of five small towns linked by hiking trails and a rail line.  We stayed in Vernazza in November, 2007 for a few days to enjoy the awesome scenery.   Being November, the sky that day was dull and flat – so I went for some HDR techniques to pull some details out.  I processed this single RAW file using Photomatix Pro as a pseudo-HDR.  Basically, this means that Photomatix created three versions of the same RAW processed +/- 1 stop.  Then it merges them into an HDR.

Vital Stats: Canon 350D w/Canon 10-22mm @ 16mm  ISO 200, f/8.0, 1/60sec

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