The Rockport Rock Port

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Here is one from the wayback machine.  It’s a three-image-wide panoramic that I took of the harbor in Rockport, MA.  It was shot back in September of 2000 with an Olympus 3030z velcroed to a metal railing.  Though it’s an antique in the digital camera world – it was really amazing at the time and cost me far more than my first dSLR did.  The stitching was all done with Olympus’ pano software that was included with the box.

I have a 3′ long print of this shot that I’ve hung in my office in the past.  The detail included is surprisingly good since the 3030z is only a three megapixel camera.  Be sure to click on this image to see it enlarged!

Vital Stats: Olympus 3030z, three shots stitched.


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