Burg Eltz

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Burg Eltz, in the region where the Rhine and Mosel intersect, is considered by Rick Steves to be the grandest castle in Europe.  It’s amazing – and so is the view when you approach it.  Since it’s down in a valley, you get a fantastic view of it as you walk down the road to reach the front entry.

This is a picture of Burg Eltz.  Is it real.. or a miniature model?

Believe it or not, this is a genuine picture taken from the approach road.  My mother is actually in the little red van at the bottom of the picture.  The reason it looks miniature is a clever optical illusion usually produced by a special lens called a Tilt-Shift lens.  For those of us without the $1200 to buy one, there’s a relatively easy way to fake that look with Photoshop.  To prove the point, here’s the un-processed original:

Burg Eltz

Vital Stats: Olympus 5050z @ 11.9mm, ISO 64, f/2.8, 1/100 sec.

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