The Dragon’s Teeth

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I’m going to share a couple of interesting tidbits about landscape photography with this shot.  This rock formation is called “The Dragon’s Teeth” and it is located near Lahaina on the island of Maui.

One good way to find locations to shoot is to look at other photographers work from that area – figure out where they were – and go make your own images there.  They’ll be unique because it’s impossible to set up in exactly the same position at exactly the same angle at exactly the same time of day, etc.   This is what I did for this shot – I saw a great picture of these rocks and had to find them.

The second tidbit is that wild locations aren’t always so wild.  Many fantastic pictures are taken from a parking lot – or a roadside – or something else pretty non-wild.  This bordered a golf course – and I had to hightail it out of there as soon as I got the picture because the first golfers of the day were starting to have their drives land near me.

Some photo notes – this shot was taken just as the first rays of light were hitting.  I also used a telephoto to ‘compress’ the rocks making the teeth look closer together.  This was also a hazardous location – I was precariously perched on several sharp rocks.

Vital Stats: Canon 40D w/Canon 70-200 f/4L @ 70mm.  ISO 100, f/22, .6 sec

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