Noontime at the Oasis

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I now understand why a place of respite is called an oasis.  This little cluster of trees is located at the end of Borrego Palm Canyon – a hot dusty rocky place where we spent every morning shooting brittlebush.  At the entrance of the trail, there is a rather grim sign that sternly warns you to bring two liters of water per person because many have died in the canyon.

Personally, I had one Nalgene bottle full.

Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  It was early March and though it was warm, it certainly wasn’t dangerous.  Still, after a 1.5 mile scramble over boulders, I was getting dry.  Once we reached the oasis at the head of the canyon, the temperature dropped 20 degrees inside of it and the humidity went way up.  Amazing!

Vital Stats: Canon Powershot G9 @ 7.4mm  ISO 80, f/4, 1/250 sec.

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