Lal Bagh Tower

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This shot is of Lal Bagh Tower – situated in Lal Bagh Gardens in Bangalore, India.  It’s sitting on the Peninsular Gneissic Rock hill in the gardens – which is supposed to be one of the oldest rocks on the planet clocking in at somewhere around 3000 million years old.  Give or take a few, that is.

I was here on my last day in Bangalore after I had my business wrapped up.  I was killing a few hours before flying home that night and I had a nice walk in the park – shortly before my guide tried fleecing me for $50.  Sorry pal – I know what the going rate is.

Vital Stats: Canon 350D w/Canon 17-85mm IS @ 50mm  ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/250 sec.

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