4 Million BC

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Here’s a glamor shot of my newest toy – a 1971 Bally 4 Million BC.  I’m not really into the old-school pins – but I’ve always liked this game.  When an opportunity came up to buy one locally, I couldn’t turn it down.

It’s surprisingly difficult to shoot pinball machines.  If you use a flash, well – it looks like it.  Long exposures are about your only hope – but with all the chasing lights on the playfield, it looks strange because multiple lights will turn on and off while the shutter is open.  Depth of field is also interesting – you have to close focus on things, and because of the flat view of the playfield – much is out of focus without a very small aperture.

As for getting the ball to show up – well, that’s my little secret.. 🙂

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 135 f/2L   ISO 200, f/8, .8 sec.

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