Cash for Clunkers


The amount of industrial age refuse in the San Juan mountains is staggering.  Mines, boom towns, and giant mills were born and died in the space of a couple of centuries a hundred years ago.  Some made it a little longer – most didn’t.  Want to know what they did with their debris?  Nothing!  All the rubble of an entire silver boom still lies scattered in the San Juan mountains.

This truck obviously isn’t part of the silver boom in the late 1800’s.  Like I said, a few of the mines struggled on longer.  This is probably a relic of one of the last casualties.  It currently is lying in state on a hillside halfway between Animas Forks and the Frisco mine in California Gulch.  It’s only about a hundred yards away from where I stood to take yesterday’s picture of the day.  It’s obviously in very bad shape.. but it is in better shape than most every other leftover from the mines.  In a way, it is proudly lording over a bygone era.

The surreal look to this image is on purpose.. and I’ll concede it’s not for everyone.  Enjoy it for what it is – a hyper-realistic piece of art.

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 f/4L @ 22mm  ISO 200, f/23, 3 exposures combined with Photomatix Pro

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