Needs Curb Appeal

This is the Walsh House in Animas Forks, CO.  The Walsh house is the signature landmark in this well-preserved late-19th century ghost town just outside of Silverton, CO.  It’s on the scenic route that takes a 4WD tourist over Cinnamon and Engineer Pass, but it can be reached by a cautious passenger car driver that has a little bit of extra ground clearance.  This house was owned by Evalyn Walsh Mclean – a wealthy socialite that once owned the Hope Diamond.

The morning I took this picture, I drove up to Animas Forks pre-dawn hoping to get some striking first rays of light coming through the ghost town.  It didn’t quite work out as planned – due to the high mountains surrounding the town, light didn’t actually make it into the town until about 90 minutes after sunrise.  It was also about 25 degrees that morning – so I was good and frozen by the time the sun rose.  I still ended up with great pictures – but none were exactly what I planned.  Sometimes it works that way!

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 135mm f/2L @ 135mm  ISO 100, f/2, 1/1000 sec

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