Last Rays of November

Now, why on earth don’t I get sunsets like this when I’m on a nature shoot?   The late November sunsets right off of my deck have been spectacular lately – and yesterday’s was no exception.  I was actually running out the door to go over to my wife’s cousin’s place when I saw this out the window.  I grabbed my camera (which still had the Lensbaby mounted) and I caught this beauty.

Again, like yesterday – I’m using my new Lensbaby on this picture.  It progressively blurs out from the ‘sweet spot’ calling attention to the focal point – in this case.. the farm.

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Lensbaby Composer  ISO 100, f/5.6 plate, 1/30 sec.

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  1. erik November 28, 2009 at 6:06 pm #

    Nice shot!

    We had an equally beautiful sunset on Lake Florida yesterday evening as well:

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