Kohala Valley

“Do you ever think to yourself: Why the @#$^ doesn’t my good camera take pictures this nice?”

-Jon Cornforth, near Hawi, Hawaii

This picture was made on the iPhone using what was easily my iPhone photo app of the year – Autostitch.  Autostitch is an app that takes several iPhone images The results that this program delivers are stunning – and it couldn’t be easier.

To make a panoramic picture with your iPhone and Autostitch, take several shots with your iPhone that overlap slightly (about 25% seems to be fine).  Use Autostitch to select all the component images and press the “Stitch” button.  Once it’s done – and it’s done VERY quickly with the latest version – select the ‘crop’ gizmo to automatically slice off the rough edges.  The resulting image is pretty big – not hard to believe since it is several pictures stitched together.

It does a beautiful job of lining the pictures up and correcting for warp.  It doesn’t do as well with things moving right on a merge line – and there is some of that in this image.

At the end of the day, it creates a beautiful – though not technically perfect – image… and that’s what it’s all about.

Vital Stats: 4 iPhone pictures + Autostitch

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