Number Eighty One

A Wissota Modified dirt track racer driven by Jared Boumeester

This my friends is Number Eighty One.  She’s a Wissota B-Modified dirt track stock car – and she’s the pride of Jared Boumeester of Waseca, MN.  Jared just finished building this Skyrocket-framed beast and yesterday was her maiden voyage at the Deer Creek Speedway in southeastern Minnesota.  I was in Waseca yesterday to have my taxes prepared and I stopped by to take a few glamour shots of #81.

I decided to have some fun with these pictures and went for something really grungy and radical looking.  It’s a dirt-track racer, after all!  The processing is over-the-top, and some people are going to instinctively hate it.  Others are going to love it.   This image was made by taking 9 different exposures and merging them as an HDR with Photomatix Pro.   Once I merged them, I tonemapped them into the wild scene you see above.  This technique is like cilantro – little bits of it are good, but you’d never want to eat a whole bowl of it.   I’d never use it on a nature shot – but unfortunately others do.  Because of that, this technique gets an ill-deserved bad rap.

Because I stepped out of the box and went for it – I’ve got a vibrant image that I love.  It fits the subject matter perfectly, and the car just looks fast sitting there.   There’s your lesson for today – don’t be afraid to ditch the comfortable and do something that isn’t your style.. you may get some wild fun results!

Wanna hear her roar?  Check out Jared revving her up yesterday on this iPhone video:

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17mm TS-E f/4L.  ISO 200, f/6.3, exposures bracketed from 1/6400 to 1/25 sec.

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  1. Jerry Boumeester April 2, 2010 at 6:06 am #

    Boy, that is neat. Almost gives the appearance of a painting. I don’t know how you did it nor would i understand, but that is one cool picture. Thanx for shooting the car,and hope you can get to see it at the track.

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