Last Rays on the Big Island

Last Rays on the Big Island

The sunset from Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii

Today’s shot is one that I took on the Big Island of Hawaii back in December of 2009.  I had just completed making the “One Last Evening in Paradise” image (featured earlier this year) and was waiting for Jon Cornforth to finish his shoot.  While I was waiting, I framed up some rocks in the foreground to make an HDR of the setting sun.  I bracketed nine shots and made the above image.

The major problem with this picture is that it was a mile and a half from our car over very rough lava.   As you can see from the sun, there isn’t much light left in the day.  A good chunk of the hike was made well after the sun went down and at one point we relied on the light from our iPhones to pick our way over the rocks.  It was a pretty treacherous hike – but we had a few cairns of white rocks to guide our way back to the trail to the car.  Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with a traditional Hawaiian porkchop dinner at an old hotel near Kona.

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 f/4L @ 30mm.  ISO 200, f/22.

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