Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

Cumulo Mammatus Clouds over our house in Chaska

What are those crazy looking clouds?  These clouds are called Cumulo Mammatus clouds – and they generally accompany the strongest thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.  They are relatively rare – the last ones I saw were three years ago at my brother’s wedding.   Most of my friends in Minneapolis saw these clouds go overhead after a powerful evening thunderstorm last week that spawned tornados and multiple inches of rain around Minnesota.  None of that hit my neighborhood.. but my parents got some water in their basement when it rained 4-6″ in an hour.

Now, a note to self:

Self, when nasty thunderstorms roll through at dinnertime – grab a camera and get in position ‘cuz it’s gonna be epic.

I KNEW this was going to happen – but couldn’t get out since my mother was visiting.   I had to live with a snapshot of my house from the street… but it still turned out cool due to the intense reds of the sunset reflected off the clouds.

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 f/4L @ 17mm  1/20 sec @ f/8, ISO 1600

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