Hilo Sunrise

Hilo Sunrise

Sunrise at Kapoho Tidepools near Hilo, Hawaii

Here’s another image from my trip to the big island of Hawaii with Jon Cornforth in December, 2009.  It was taken at the Kapoho Tidepools near Hilo, Hawaii.  We spent most of the week on the less rainy southern side of the island but got choked out by volcanic fog most of the week and didn’t get a ton of great pictures.  When we went to Hilo, the overnight rains broke just long enough to give us one absolutely majestic sunrise over the tidepools.

A quick aside:

I never fully appreciated how dangerous landscape photography really is – both to myself and my gear.  This picture was taken about 50 yards off-shore and it took a very treacherous scramble over really slick lava to get to this spot.  Here’s the irony – not only is lava slick as ice, it’s as dangerous as broken glass.  If you slip and fall on this stuff, you’d get cut to ribbons.  The photo gear would likely tumble into salt water – and that would be the end of that gear.  On top of all that, being in position at either dawn or dusk requires a scramble over this treacherous terrain in darkness.

Fortunately no photographers or cameras were harmed in the making of this image.

Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 f/4L @ 24mm.  ISO 100, f/22, 3.2 sec.

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