One picture per day – only the stuff I love.

That’s the simple pretense behind t3imagery.com – the portfolio site for Mark Teskey and T3 Imagery.   When really great images are displayed in a gallery with the other important but less artistic shots they can easily get lost in the shuffle.  I decided that if featured one picture per day, each image could stand on its own.

An image by itself – however beautiful – doesn’t always tell the entire story.  Each one of them is a journey to somewhere special – on the globe, in your memories, or in your heart.  Many of the pictures were taken in interesting locations from around the world to my own backyard.  To give each image context, I decided to write a short paragraph about each shot that would describe where I was, what I was trying to say, or even how I took the shot.  I’m also including all shooting parameters so others can see how it was done and I can hopefully help others learn just a little more about how to improve their own photography.

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Mark taking pictures in the Hoh Rainforest – Image (c) Ross Simpson

My love of photography started thirty five years ago when I was a first grader.  My teacher at the time was a professional photographer on the side.  He introduced me to the basics of photography way back then and it has stuck with me since.  Nearly ten years ago I entered the world of digital photography when I purchased an Olympus 3030z for almost a thousand dollars.  This early prosumer grade digital camera reawakened my interest in photography.  The unique ability to get instant feedback from digital photos helped me to hone my craft quickly.

Now that I’m working as a professional photographer, my love for taking somebody on a journey back in time to a happy memory or to an exotic location fuels everything that I do.  My brand promise reflects that goal in one simple statement:

Go Somewhere Special

By spending some time in these galleries, it is my hope that you will join me on a trip that is as special to you as it was to me.  The collection located here contains my favorite shots.  It is a nice cross section of the body of work I’ve created over the past ten years since I transitioned to digital photography and over the past couple of years as a professional photographer.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my shots.  Any comments are welcome.

Mark Teskey and T3 Imagery can be reached at:

  • mark@t3imagery.com  (landscape & commercial)
  • mark@markteskey.com (weddings and portrait)

My residential studio is located at:2025 Schoolmaster Drive, Chaska, MN.

My business phone number is: 952-373-1355

Go Somewhere Special!


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