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Reflections of Rockport

Here’s the old harbor at Rockport, MA captured right at sunset.  When it comes to landscape photography – only two times a day matter.  Those two times are dawn and dusk – because that’s the time when the light is the most appealing.  About a minute after this shot was taken, the sun went behind […]

Across the Bridge

Here is another photo of the Klein family that I took during their family portrait session at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  There story is a great one – after a lot of challenges they now have a beautiful little family that includes little Max. Shooting 1-year-olds seems to be one of the biggest challenges – […]

Taking a break!

Here’s our friend the meerkat.  He’s chilling on his mound watching the crowds go by. I’m going to be doing the same the rest of the week – so this will be my last update ’til next week.  Don’t worry though – many great new images are on their way!

One More From The Road

  Here’s another RAGBRAI shot – this one from 2005.  This one was from the last day that year at the top of a long climb.  I made it up first – and stopped to wait for the rest of the crew.  Again, this was shot with a cheap point and shoot – and I’m […]

Mister Seven

Recognize the man in black (and yellow)?  Yep – it’s Mr. Livestrong himself.  Since it’s the starting day of RAGBRAI, I thought I’d post a snapshot taken at RAGBRAI 2006 of Lance riding through a small town in Iowa. Techically – it’s nothing to write home about.  I had about 15 seconds to pull my […]

Buffalo Soldiers

I like this shot because I feel like General Custer should be in it someplace.  Of course, this was shot this year rather than the late 1800s.  And, it was shot at the Minnesota Zoo rather than South Dakota.  As a North Dakota State grad, Bison have a soft spot in my heart – they […]

The Klein Family

Here is a picture of my friends – the Klein family.  These are their first family photos – and I’m very honored to have been the guy that got to shoot the pictures.  These were taken at one of my favorite spots – the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  This is a spot right next to the […]

Time to Roll!

With only a few days left until RAGBRAI, I had to pull one from the cycling archives from RAGBRAI 2007.  This one was taken shortly after dawn in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa on the last day of the ride.  This was a nicely rolling section that let us make unbelievable time so we […]

This totally blows.

Photo tip of the day – when you’ve got puffy clouds, ALWAYS get out your polarizer!  That’s how you get them to pop out this clearly against the blue sky.  The polarizer makes the blue of the sky much bluer. This shot was from an open house at FarmAmerica in Waseca – the world famous […]

Tadliness is next to Godliness

This is my friend Tad – and when you see this picture, you’ll know what Tad is about.  As his cousin-in-law said, “Ooh!  That picture captures the Essence of Tad!”.  Having known Tad now for almost twenty years (hard to believe it’s been that long!) – I have to agree, It’s him. Vital Stats: Canon […]