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The Future’s So Bright

This is little Ava – looking cute in her sassy shades.  She’s at her friend Luke’s third birthday party last Saturday checking out the scene.  Her sunglasses were certainly one of the hits of the party! Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 70-200 f/4L @ 172mm.  ISO 100, f/4, 1/160 sec.

Acorn Path

Here’s the most photographed and toughest to get to street in Boston once again.  It’s Acorn Street, located in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.   This time, I’m ‘low and wide’ – shooting at 17mm about a foot off the ground to exaggerate the foreground and the length of the road.  It gives it […]

His Eyes Are Bigger Than His Stomach

I took this shot yesterday afternoon at a picnic with the Balance Fitness cycling squad.  The fella in the photo is my uncle – also a member of the group and my partner in crime in July when I ride across Iowa.  He was busy eyeing up the buffet table to figure out what yummy […]

Pretty Maids All In A Row

Photo tip of the day – try to get group shots where people are all on a different level.  Triangle patterns are very dynamic – so are circles.  Whatever the case, try to avoid the ‘lets all stand in a row’ formation. This is Whitney (the bride) and her beautiful bridesmaids at her wedding last […]

The Old Harbor

When I visited here in 2002, I shot a really cool panoramic of this harbor in Rockport, MA.  I intended to re-shoot this under better light at dusk when I was in Boston last week.  Since I didn’t have a panhead, I had a challenge ahead of me since it’s really tough to get a […]

At Last

If having it rain on your wedding day brings you luck – Whitney and Jim will be very lucky indeed!  This was a doozy of a shot to try to get – since doing a ‘trash the dress’ shoot prior to the service is bad form.  I also didn’t want to figure out just what […]


I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Whitney and Jim last weekend in Northfield.  This is Whitney – the beautiful bride.  It was a ton of fun to shoot – Whitney and Jim were great sports and their bridal party were a lot of fun.  This picture was taken in front of some […]

Crayola Kayaks

This is a classic example of ‘If you see a lot of color, take a picture of it’.  This is the row of rental sea kayaks located in Rockport, MA just behind where the famous Motif #1 is located.  I used a lot of zoom to compress the perspective and make it look like a […]

The North End

One of my favorite places to go in the Boston area is the North End.  This is an Italian enclave where there are so many restaurants packed so close together that you can smell the garlic walking down the street.  Until recently, it was virtually cut off from Boston by the freeways.  Now that the […]

Motif #1

This is *the* shot from Rockport.  You’ve seen it before – it’s pretty hard to miss.  It’s still fun to take a shot at getting an interesting shot of this icon.  It’s a crab shack that has been photographed or painted millions of times.  I first shot it back in the fall of 2000 with […]