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This shot is from the Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Bloomington.  I made it on Saturday morning as the family was visiting Heather’s mother to say Happy Mother’s Day.  There isn’t much else to be said for the shot – 0ther than that this is a strong reminder of the sacrifices made by our heroes. […]

Mother’s Day at the Farmer’s Market

What better place to find color than the Farmer’s Market?  In the early morning light, the floral blooms are explosive.  Though it looks beautiful out, it was barely over 40 degrees and it was a pretty chilly morning.  We had our traditional cinnamon roll and breatfast sausage – then went about the serious business of […]

Wheels of Yesteryear

Today was my mother’s birthday – and we spent it as a family together in Waseca.  During the afternoon, we went to Farmamerica – an Agricultural Interpretive Center because they were having a family day with a petting zoo.  William had great fun milking a goat, looking at pigs and ducks, and getting inside the […]

Gimme a kiss, baby!

This is a picture from the night I was trying to dial in all the studio gear.  I had just recieved my first AlienBees light as well as a reflector, back background, and radio controls. Fortunately, both kids were in a great mood – and giggled a lot during the shoot. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]

Print Sale – Vernazza Harbor

It’s Friday again – that means time to put another print up for sale.  This time, I’m offering my Vernazza Harbor shot.  This is a shot that I’ve printed and framed at 16×24 – and it looks GREAT!  Prices are very reasonable – so give it a shot by clicking here: BUY Thanks for looking!

The Hana Highway

Sure, it’s only 52 miles long.  It’ll still take you hours to make the cruise out to Hana on the Hana Highway.  It’s pretty difficult to get over 15 mph – and why would you?  It’s a beautiful drive with literally dozens of waterfalls along the way.  Once you get to Hana – there isn’t […]

A Walk in the Woods

Here’s another shot from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  It’s about a hundred yards down the trail from the swamp picture from two days ago.  This picture was a challenge to get – not because of the subject or the conditions, but because I was pushing a stroller down the path and towing a 2.5 year […]

Ready for the Runway

Here’s another shot of my favorite little girl Elizabeth.  She’s just as pleased as can be that she can stand and you can see it on her face.  She also thought the flashes were pretty funny – as well as the noises that Daddy the Photographer was making. Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon […]

Springtime Swamp Grass

This shot was taken this afternoon at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum near Chanhassen, MN.  I had the kids out for a little getaway while their mother was playing tennis.  Up until now, I had only scouted the three mile road for shots – this was my first time heading down the trail.  It probably was […]

Surf at the Keanae Peninsula

This was taken on the Keanae Peninsula on the way out to Hana.  We had been weaving our way up the coast for a couple of hours when we hit this fantastic spot.  I loved it so much, I went back the next morning to shoot it at dawn.  We ended up spending an hour […]