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View from the Taj

Sometimes you just have to shoot out of your hotel window. This is the first thing I saw on my first morning in India.  I arrived way after midnight and it took literally hours to get my bags.  By the time I got to the hotel, it was somewhere around 3:30 AM.  Fortunately I didn’t […]


These hog buildings are located down on the family farm near Blue Earth.  It’s hard to believe that these are some of the better buildings on the farm.  These were a little tough to get to up until recently since the entire area was overgrown until my brother cleared the way. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]

Getting Tuned

This is a shot of a San Diego musician getting ready to play at my sister’s wedding.  It was an outrageously difficult place to shoot – heavy shade with bright sunbeams coming through and a light background.  It took a lot of playing with the flash to get the exposure balanced a little better! Vital […]

The Lost Cherry

This fountain outside the Walker art center is a Minneapolis landmark.  No postcard rack is complete without a picture of this fountain sculpture next to the linden seed pond.  If you came looking for it now – you wouldn’t find it.  It seems they have removed the cherry for painting.  It looks strange just seeing […]

North Maui Morning

This is a real “early bird gets the worm” kind of shot.  I got up at about 3:30 in the morning and drove an hour down the Hana Highway to get here before the dawn broke.  Even then, I nearly killed myself getting in position on the slippery rock.  I spotted this location on the […]

Henderson Canyon

This picture was taken early in the week in the desert.  We hadn’t yet found the motherload of flowers – but this was a nice start.  The faux-panorama crop was to omit the shadow of the camera – and the photographer – in the lower part of the frame.  Little did we know that these […]

Old Honey Buffet

This is one from ancient history – my first digital camera.  It was taken in Rockport, MA with an Olympus 3030z that I paid an absolutely outrageous amount of money for by today’s standards.  It was a heck of a camera – for it’s time.  I was amazed that it was able to get such […]

Sue and Jason

These are our friends Sue and Jason.  They came over with their family to do a fall portrait session so they’d have some updated family pictures and a nice Christmas card shot.  They were naturals and we ended up with some fantastic shots.  Truthfully – it would have been just about impossible to take a […]

Easter Flowers Bring April Showers?

This was the centerpiece at our Easter dinner on Sunday.  I was on a mission to get Easter pictures, and up until after dinner – I had forgotten.  This meant that I had to scramble to keep up – and started firing pictures every which way.  This one was a little more planned out – […]

Workers Unite!

Here’s another shot from Szaborpark outside of Budapest.  This guy seems to be their unofficial mascot since he’s on all of their brochures.  Szaborpark is a place where they gathered all the communist-era statues as a museum rather than letting them get destroyed like in other fallen communist bloc countries. Vital Stats: Canon 350D w/Tamron […]