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Mr. Pinfootie

I’ve been doing a number of gameroom shoots over the past year for members of my pinball cult.  They are fun to shoot – lots of color, lots of neat environmental lighting.  This was from a shoot at one of the foremost restorers in the pinball hobby – Mr. Bryan Kelly.  I wanted a nice […]

Cuppa Joe

Sometimes some of the coolest details are the smallest details.  This little icon is only about 2 inches by three inches – and it’s painted on a 2 foot tall wall.  I’m not sure how I spotted it – that’s way below my line of sight with my 2000mm frame.  This coffee emoticon is located […]

I’m stumped!

The spring storms on the Olympic Peninsula must be epic – giant trees are piled up like so many tinkertoys on every beach.  On a number of them – like Second Beach – a person has to scale over a number of them to even reach the beach.  This is a cool looking stump on […]

Ponte Vecchio

This is the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy.  It is one of the most iconic location in this historic city.  This is a pretty stereotypical shot – but it’s nice due to the absence of people in the shot.  I wish the sky was a little more interesting – but you have to […]

Point Loma Lighthouse

This is the result of having less than five minutes to shoot in a location.  You kind of have to just go with what you know. We got to Point Loma in San Diego at about 4:45 PM only to find that the entire area closed at 5 PM.  We had about enough time to […]

A Foggy Morning on Gillis Lake

I’ve decided that late September is the best time to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  There are no bugs, there are no people, and you get these beautiful crystal clear days with low humidity.  Add to that some cool morning temps, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for misty morning photography.  This shot […]


I’m really not sure what’s keeping this decrepit smokestack upright.  It looks heavy and the guy wires plainly aren’t doing anything.  I’m guessing the architects learned everything they needed know know buy studying here.  This dying smokestack is in the warehouse district not far from where I work.  I took the picture while on a […]

A Veiled Threat

This shot was taken about 15 minutes before Jacqie’s wedding started.  We were waiting in a small courtyard and taking some pictures since it was a nice location.  We had to move Jacqie to the shade to avoid the hard, harsh mid-day San Diego sun.  The veil acts as a natural skin softener – you […]

Randy’s Moss

This shot was taken during a quick walk with the camera shortly before flying home from Florida back in January.  We were just outside of Orlando hiking to the coffee shop with the kids when I saw this great moss with the light streaming through it.  I thought it looked like ‘God beams’ – but […]

Hay is for Horses!

Nope – not the Iowa cornfields.   This shot was taken over 4th of July weekend on Whidbey Island near Seattle.  I spent a long weekend at a cabin located on Maxwellton Beach.  I got a few opportunities to sneak away and do some photography while I was there.  If you look closely – you can […]