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Rockin’ Flowers

Our big mistake yesterday morning was that we didn’t go deep enough into Borrego Palm canyon to shoot.  We discovered when we hiked up the canyon yesterday that we were missing the best flowers.   We rose way before dawn, scrambled the extra half-mile up the dry washes, and found some great spots.  This particular rock […]

Morning Brittlebushes

This shot was from our morning hike up Borrego Palm canyon right behind our campground.  This is one of the two best areas that we’ve found to shoot at so far.  There are bushes like this literally everywhere dotting the washes and rocks with splashes of yellow.  We rose way before dawn and hiked into […]


It’s hazardous visiting temples in India.  You probably won’t suffer physical harm – but your pocketbook is in danger.  At every turn somebody is trying to liberate a few rupees from your pocketbook.  In many ways – the monks are the worst.  On one occasion, I walked around the corner just in time to get […]

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers

I’m in the midst of a trip to Southern California to shoot the spring wildflowers with Jon Cornforth.  For the past couple of days, we’ve been busily scouting out some locations.  Last night was the first time that we really got to get shooting, so we headed for Henderson Road just outside of Borrego Springs […]

Vernazza Boats

This is a shot from the little town of Vernazza in Italy.  Vernazza is the fourth of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre area of Italy.  This view was right out in front of our hotel – we were staying in the yellow building right in the center of the frame.  We […]

The End is Near

There isn’t much left of the barn on our family farm.  A series of wind storms has pushed the structure to near death – one good gust could finish it off.  This is almost a study in negative space – the space where the hayloft should be.  The inside of this barn was featured previously […]

Riding off into the sunset

This photo of Dan and Jacqie was taken about an hour after their wedding concluded.   We were down on the beach in LaJolla getting some sunset shots and we had just concluded.  Everyone was strolling to their cars to drive to the reception.  I ran ahead of them with a wide angle lens and fired […]

Stormy Friday, Part II

This is a companion photo to an image posted earlier.  The previous image, “Batten Down The Hatches” was shot about a minute after this photo – when the storm had become even more threatening. Technically speaking, this isn’t a great shot.  The shutter speed (1/3 sec.) was way too slow resulting in some blurriness – […]

The Night Farm

This farm was supposed to be gone four years ago.  It’s zoned to be a “Med Tech Campus” – but year after year, the farmer replants his crops showing that he’s going to be around for another year.  With a ‘sold’ sign out this year, we thought it was really the end.  The economic slowdown […]

My New Friend Michel

I met this dude at the bottom of Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler near the rope tow to go back up the glacier.  He obviously won the ‘best mustache ever’ award that year – and probably every year since then.  This gentleman, Michel, personifies a love of skiing for me.  It was dumping hard and visibility […]