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The Prinsengracht at Night

In 2005, I had the chance to spend a day in Amsterdam on my way to Bangalore, India for work.  Rather than get a hotel, we rented a houseboat on a canal for two nights to recharge before the long push to India.  I got a few minutes to wander around on a cool November […]

Snake Dancers

The Renaissance Festival is always a great place to bring a camera – everyone is acting or modeling something-or-other.  It might be my wife’s least favorite place on the planet – she claims she has to floss the tub every time we talk about going.  On the way out, we saw this group of snake […]

Old Man River

This is another photo from the fall photowalk that I took over lunch late October.  This picture was taken from the Portland Ave. bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  I never quite realized it, but that bridge vibrates like crazy when somebody drives over it.  This made it tough to get a telephoto shot of the barge […]

Fire Daisy

This is probably the simplest image I’ll ever post on the T3 Imagery photo blog.  It’s one long exposure of a single fireworks charge.  The usual goal of most fireworks photography is to capture as many bursts as possible.  I went a different route and went for simplicity.  The net result is that a number […]

Second Beach Driftwood

This is an environmental shot from when we were setting up for this shot:  Second Beach We had just arrived on Second Beach and moments before we were scrambling over the logs in the left of the frame.  It’s hard to believe that these entire trees were tossed up there like toothpicks during the strong […]

Me and Mini-Me

This image was from a family / newborn shoot that I did down in Florida in early January.  Little Jacob was only a couple of weeks old when this picture was taken.  It was taken in the back yard of my brother-in-law’s house in a nicely shaded area to get out of the hard Florida […]

They Call It Stormy Monday

This photo is a companion shot to an earlier picture posted on T3 Imagery because it was taken just moments after the other shot facing the other direction.  The other photo was posted back on December 18th, 2008 – “Spring Storms on the Prairie“.  The big wave of black clouds shown in that picture is […]


This picture was taken on a trip to Sonoma, CA on our one year anniversary.  We stayed at a great resort with gardens everywhere right in Sonoma – and this larger-than-life chess set was right on the grounds.   This was one of the first sets of pictures taken with our mutual anniversary present – a […]

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz, in the region where the Rhine and Mosel intersect, is considered by Rick Steves to be the grandest castle in Europe.  It’s amazing – and so is the view when you approach it.  Since it’s down in a valley, you get a fantastic view of it as you walk down the road to […]

Singing in the Rain

It was *pouring* when this shot was taken – a lovely spring day when everything was green and wet.  William was very excited to walk down to get the mail in his new green raincoat.  I was able to stand on the porch and fire away with a telephoto lens in comfy dryness.  To get […]