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Brain Melt Number Two

I warned you three weeks ago that I’ve shot this sign a bunch of times – it’s just a couple of blocks from my office for Pete’s sake.  Once again, I’m steadfastly refusing to do it straight up – this time, it’s post-processed to make it sort of a cool red/green/black tri-tone.  I love the […]

Where’s My Mule?

Old farms are photography gold – everywhere you look, there’s some bit of nostalgic decay.  Our family farm has been in the family for over a hundred years – but it’s been thirty years since it’s been a working farm.  Therefore, everything is busily returning to the earth.  When I visited the family farm last […]

Portrait Shoot at the Warrens

Ah, the life of a rockstar photographer.  I get to jetset around and shoot the rich and famous at their homes.  This is a shot from a portrait shoot with the Warren Family from last weekend in Orlando.  They are a pretty crazy family, so I really wanted to catch them at their playful best.  […]

Where’s the Mouse?

The family and I spent a lovely day at Disney World last weekend.  With a 2.5 year old, I didn’t expect we’d be able to spend the entire day there.  As the day went on, both kids were in a great mood and were having a fantastic time – even little 8-month-old Elizabeth loved walking […]

Wedding Showers

Weddings are always momentous occasions – sometimes for interesting reasons.  There were multiple tornado warnings during my brother’s wedding in Southern Minnesota this summer – some only fifteen miles away.  By the time the wedding and reception was done, the air was still turbulent enough to create rare cumulo mammatus clouds – only produced in […]

Ice Cream Night

We joined the Tufvanders and the Tjornhoms at the Landscape Arboretum for Ice Cream Night and a picnic.  Right around dusk, a nasty looking squall blew through but failed to produce anything other than some strong wind gusts.  As we were heading to the car, the bright light from the setting sun made a big […]

Hello, Baby!

I’m allowed to post family pictures once in a while, aren’t I?  This was from a session with the kids right after I got my new studio lights.  Heather was off playing tennis, so I kept the kids busy by taking their picture.  Elizabeth seemed fascinated by the camera and the lights – which made […]

Nurse Log at the Hoh

You wouldn’t think sun would be a problem in a rainforest, would you?  The day we went to the Hoh rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, it was a beautiful spring day.  It would have been the perfect day for everything – except rain forest photos.  Regardless, I still like this shot – it […]

The Backside of Vernazza

This is not the most famous view of Vernazza.  If you look up Vernazza (the 4th town of Cinque Terre in Italy), the view you usually get is the other side with the picture-perfect harbor.  Trust me, I’ve got that shot too.  This one was taken as we were leaving Vernazza on the trail to […]

Hungarian Fruit Market

On our last morning in Budapest, we finally made it to the big central market (Nagy Vasarcsarnok).  All the meat, vegetable, fruit and bread stands were a colorful assault on the eyes – and the stomach since we didn’t have breakfast yet.  The fish stands in the basement were an assault on the nose – […]