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Fire and Fog

It’s not my fault the spaghetti almost got burned!  Actually, it is my fault – I saw this sunset forming out of my kitchen window here in Chaska and had to take a picture of it.  After a lousy rainy day, the sunset was a beautiful one with streaks of red and gold high overhead.  […]

Door County Haven

Here’s an image from an architectural shoot that I did recently in Door County, WI.  This is the little cabin that we stayed in for the weekend – and I was shooting it for the owner’s website.  The cabin is located right in Ephraim, Wi about a block from the waterfront. It’s surprisingly tricky to […]

Minnewashta Retreat

Today’s shot was taken at Lake Minnewashta only a few miles from my house.  It’s actually my friend Keith’s backyard.  He’s got an absolutely unbelievable spot located right on the lake.  I’m pretty sure I’d have a bonfire just about every night if this were my yard!  I was visiting Keith to talk photography as […]

Lady in Waiting

If I’ve ever seen a bridesmaid that was a natural model – this is her.  I haven’t got a clue what her name is – but she was a junior bridesmaid at a wedding I shot this summer.  It was a terrible rainy day – we were stuck inside the theater where the wedding was […]

Anderson’s Dock

Here’s another shot of the famous Anderson’s Dock boathouse in Ephraim, WI.  The city allows anybody to come and add their name to the building – as long as they don’t do anything offensive.  As I was shooting this building, an entire family with a stepladder was immortalizing themselves on the backside of the building. […]

Log Cabin Place

This is part of an architectural shoot that I did in Door County last weekend when I was there.  We were actually staying in this cabin – and I offered to shoot some really great shots of her place to help with marketing.  It was such a cute place that others should really see what […]

All You Need Is..

This is the perfect graffiti to find on your fifth wedding anniversary.  This shot is from Anderson Dock in Ephraim, WI.  The entire outside of the boathouse is covered with the names of people that immortalized themselves on the wall.  In the past, it was just the winners of the local regatta that could paint […]

The Most Beautiful Door County Scenery

Of all the beautiful scenery in Door County – this was my favorite to look at on our 5th anniversary trip last weekend.  Fortunately, I got to look at it a lot.  Unlike lake shores, lighthouses, trees, rocks, sunsets, birds, and buildings… this scenery looks fantastic under any light and with any background.  For those […]

Canal Point Lighthouse

This is the Canal Point Lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  It is located at the end of a long pier that creates a breakwater for the canal that bisects Door County.  This canal allows boats to travel from Lake Michigan to Green Bay without having to travel all the way around the peninsula.  Even though […]