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Swept Away

I’m really jealous of the SoCal wedding photographers – anywhere you point the camera is a good background.  Still – the focus of the picture in any wedding is the bride and groom.  Mostly the bride.  It’s pretty hard to take a bad picture of Dano and Jacqie too – and this is another of […]

Sign O’ The Times

This is a shot from a photowalk I went on in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis.  One of the themes I was shooting was neon signs – and there’s a lot of them down there.  This is the Edina Realty sign on Washington Ave – from what I recall.  I also applied a Holga-like effect […]

Looking Towards Lanai

You have no idea how deadly this shot really was.  The cool looking black rocks at the bottom of the pictures?  Slick as glass.  To really get a good shot here, I had to wander way farther out into the slick glassy rocks than I really wanted to.  One wipeout would have left me with […]

The Vltava Waterfront

The Vltava River runs right through Prague, Czech Republic.  Heather and I were there in June, 2006 – just a few short months before our family became three.  Prague is a beautiful city – the communists managed to not screw all of it up!  This shot was taken near the opera house and is just […]

See, Horse?

This shot was taken deep in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on a trip Heather and I made back in ’05.  It was the first time I tried doing the trip with a DSLR, so I spent the week toting a good-sized Pelican Case everywhere we went.  This picture was taken on Seahorse Lake on […]

The Twilight Zone

This picture was taken over the weekend at a cabin we were staying at in Northern Minnesota.  This was an incredibly difficult picture to get since it was very close to sundown and things were getting pretty dark.  It was also challenging because: a) the subject was moving – a lot, b) the boat was […]

Piccolomini Library

Two days in a row of shots from Siena!  When I posted yesterday’s shot, I found this gem.  I thought I’d share given how popular other architectural shots I’ve posted have been. This is the Piccolomini Library in Siena.  It’s connected to the jaw-dropping Duomo, and it’s stunning to see.  Personally, this had ten times […]

Palazzo Communale

Siena is one of the real gems of Italy.  It’s got the most eye-popping cathedral in Italy bar none.  It’s got a great medieval feel.  And, it’s got the perfect piazza.  That’s the town square – not a dish with crust, sauce and cheese – though I’m sure you can get a good one of […]

Amy, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Apologies for the bad 70’s song reference.. This is Amy.  I had the chance to shoot her picture on her birthday a few weeks ago.  This is nothing but natural light, a big aperture, and a good subject.  I really like the low-key sedate look of this picture. Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon […]

Royales St. Hubert

Today’s shot is from Brussels, Belgium.  I took it on a trip back in fall of 2003 as part of a two week jaunt through the ‘low countries’.  This was the first day of the trip – and I had the beginnings of a raging head cold starting to hit.  This is Royales St. Hubert […]