Manarola Peschereccio

We’re back!  Sorry for the short outage over the weekend – Apache wasn’t happy and the wizards behind the scenes at T3 Imagery had to make the appropriate sacrifices to get ‘er running again.  Thanks to Wizard Erik for the support! Today’s shot is from Manarola in the Cinque Terre.  It’s one of the five […]

Mmmm.. Frosting!

This is another picture from Elizabeth’s one-year-old “Cake Smash” photo shoot.  She’s got a heck of a sweet tooth – so it really didn’t take much cajoling to get her to dig in. I love high key shots – perhaps because you work so hard to NOT have white backgrounds when you do nature photography. […]

Noontime at the Oasis

I now understand why a place of respite is called an oasis.  This little cluster of trees is located at the end of Borrego Palm Canyon – a hot dusty rocky place where we spent every morning shooting brittlebush.  At the entrance of the trail, there is a rather grim sign that sternly warns you […]

I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

Oh, I love pictures that are right at “that moment”.  There’s no turning back for our friend the pinata – he’s about to spew his guts all over the lawn.  This shot was from the Balance Cycling summer picnic – in which our hosts provided two pinatas.  One was for the kiddies, one for the […]

Window Dressing

Here’s a quick blast of color for you on this Tuesday morning.  It’s one of the many flowerboxes located on Acorn Street in Boston.  Most of the row houses on this 8′ wide street have ornate flower boxes.  This is one of the reasons it’s such a photogenic alley – there is color everywhere!  It […]

Reflections on a Happy Engagement

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is pretty much Minnesota’s largest photo set.  There are so many fantastic locations here to shoot portraits you almost can’t go wrong.  The landscape shooting isn’t bad either!  This shot worked a lot better in black and white – mostly because the heavy shade with direct sun overhead gave everything a […]

I’ve Been Working

This is another image taken last fall at the same time I made this image: The Bridge To Somewhere.  It’s the Nicollet Island Railway bridge to downtown Minneapolis.  The framing is a little different and less dramatic – but it looks better in color.  I purposely gave this the classic Velvia look to make the […]

Every Rose Has Its Storms

I really can’t believe it didn’t storm up into something nasty last night – it was Africa-hot around my house last evening.  The skies looked pretty nasty right around sunset, too – so I had to run out and shoot SOMETHING!  Being that I was watching the little ones – I was pretty limited on […]

Motif Number One Number Two

Here’s another look at the famous Motif #1 at Rockport, MA.  This time, I’m shooting from basically right behind the Lobster shack on Bearskin Neck in what is the smallest public park I think I’ve ever seen.  It was about the last possible moment to get a good picture – about five minutes later the […]

Zakim Bridge

When I flew into Boston, I got there right before dusk.  As I was leaving the airport – I saw the most spectacular sunset shaping up.  I got parked near the North End and sprinted to the first reasonably good photo location – right in the middle of a bouncy iron bridge.  It was over […]