Elizabeth and Grandma

Here’s another shot from Elizabeth’s first birthday portrait session.  Grandma set the session up and was very excited about getting her portrait taken with little Elizabeth.  Since we were doing diaper shots right after this (of Elizabeth, not Grandma).. it was REALLY warm in the studio when we took these shots. Vital Stats: Canon 5D […]

Acorn Street, Boston

This is a picture of Acorn Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  It apparently has the distinction of being the most photographed street in Boston.  I had actually never heard of it – but by searching through SmugMug for good photo locations, I stumbled across it.  It’s a good thing, too – because […]

Oh Buoy!

This picture was taken in Rockport, MA right near the famous Motif #1 in the inner harbor.  There’s an old photography adage that says “If you see something colorful, take a picture of it.”  This absolutely screams color – and it really sums the town up.  Rockport is a lobster fishing town turned tourist destination […]

Rockport Dinghys

This shot was taken in Rockport, MA shortly before sundown last night.  The building in the background is a very famous subject – it’s called Motif #1 and there are zillions of paintings, drawings, and pictures of that thing.  In reality, it’s a crab fishing shack. This is proof positive of the old adage “To […]

The Black Tusk II

Here’s another view of the Black Tusk taken during our 2009 trip to Whistler.  Being that I was skiing, I didn’t have my normal camera gear and took this shot with a Canon G9 that I carry in the pocket of my ski jacket.  Every place you look in British Columbia has views like this […]

Greatest Hits – The Colosseum in Rome

As usual on Fridays, I’m re-running some of my favorite shots. This one is obviously the interior of the famous Colosseum in Rome.  I love it because of the amount of detail visible – you can see clearly into the pits as well as the brightly lit areas on the wall.  This was achieved by […]

Elizabeth’s Cake Smash

I had to do it – the traditional messy birthday cake session.  Elizabeth recently turned one – so it was time to get a cake and load up on cleaning products.  She’s got a pretty good sweet tooth – so we expected the cake to be a big hit.  After a few tentative fingers poking […]

Coyote Canyon Verbenas

One last shot from the Anza Borrego shoot from this spring.  This one was taken in ‘the mother lode’ – a cache of flowers about 2 miles off the road that we found while hiking.  This shot was a little right of a few others I’ve shown.  The goal behind this one was to get […]


Fast action sports at night are a bugger to shoot – this being no exception.  Every Sunday, Whistler puts on the Fire and Ice extravaganza – an hour of fireworks both of the pyrotechnic and skiing variety.  The culmination of the show is a big ring of fire that the ski instructors jump through.  This […]

Remembering the Heroes

Even though this is a repost from only a week or so ago – it was such a fitting picture for today that I couldn’t resist re-running it as a big thank you to everyone that gave everything to defend our freedom. For today at least – it’s not about the picture, it’s about the […]