Pretty in Pink

This is baby Olivia – the daughter of Beth and Raul.  She’s about 3 months old in this picture and just a sweetheart of a little girl.  When I was in Seattle in February on my way home from Whistler, I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of Olivia for her mommy.  She’s […]

A Rocky Start

This isn’t the view you usually see at Font’s Point in ABDSP.  Usually, you see what’s behind me when I’m shooting this picture – a vast badlands Grand Canyon-esque view.  We drove three miles off-road across the desert to get to this place by dawn.  It was a cold, windy morning – and an exciting […]

That’s a nice dingy you’ve got there!

This picture was taken at one of the small marinas that line Coronado Island in San Diego.  Jon Cornforth and I were scouting the area for a good sunrise picture of San Diego and went for a walk along the island.  These dinghys were piled up on the beach waiting for their owners to take […]

Gold Medal Bridge

This is the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler, BC.  It’s right in the middle of Rebagliati Park – dedicated to Whistler’s very own gold medalist (snowboard in Nagano).  I think we made about three dozen trips across this bridge over the weekend – it was the shortcut to Whistler Villiage.  I was playing […]

M and K

Back in November, the Karrmanns visited the T3 Imagery studios for some family pictures.  Their daughters M&K really got into it – especially little K.  She hammed it up like nobody’s business! This was shot on white seamless with a single Alien Bees AB800 + reflector. Vital Stats: Canon 40D w/Canon 70-200 f/4L @ 100mm  […]

Kehei Sunset

Always bring your tripod.  Repeat after me, always bring your tripod.  I really should be slapped for being out at dusk in Hawaii without mine.  Sure enough, it was a picture perfect sunset – and I had no tripod.  Of course, I was at a groom’s dinner. To make up for it, I had to […]

San Diego Dawn

You’ll want to be sure to click on this image – it is absolutely loaded with detail once you enlarge it! This is a panoramic shot of the San Diego cityscape taken moments before dawn.  Jon Cornforth and I were set up on the ferry pier at Coronado Island across the bay from downtown.  We […]

Minutes from Dusk

This picture of the stacks at Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula was taken just a few minutes after this previously features image: Second Beach.  The sun had already set and things were getting dark – and very indigo.  The waves had also calmed down and everything took on a much more tranquil look.  I […]

Three Hundred Rocks

Yeah, I know.  There are a lot less than 300 rocks here.  It’s so named because I gave it the ‘300’ look (from the movie) using Adobe Lightroom.  Truthfully, I’m not that into macro photography.  To kill time after a mediocre shoot, we started pointing the cameras down just to see if we get any […]

Sand Verbenas

We returned to the Motherload last night to give it one last shot at making a memorable picture.  It was a hot, dry day in Borrego Springs – and these conditions really took a toll on the wildflowers.  The amount of wilting made it clear that we really only had one more crack at getting […]