In Memoriam

This picture unfortunately represents both the beginning and the end of life.  The two gentlemen in the photo are Doral Miller, age 96 and Jacob Collins, his great-grandson, age 3 weeks.  Doral is also my wife’s grandfather. A short bout with cancer that started just before this photo was taken claimed his life yesterday.  He […]

Hey! That tower isn’t straight!

This image is of something that is sort of famous – the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The first thing you notice is that yep, it’s really leaning.  Actually, that’s the second thing you notice.  The first thing you notice is that the area around the tower is surrounded by sleazy vendors peddling junk.  Fortunately they […]

Valentines Day Bouquet

If you are curious – this is what calling a floral design studio and requesting “Modern Valentine” as a style.  The studio in question is Wisteria in Minneapolis – and it was a big hit (as is all of their work) with the missus. Nothing fancy from a photo perspective – slap on a 50mm, […]

Mr. and Mrs. PinPimp Jr.

Jesse and Tamra – besides being two of the nicest people you’ll meet – have the most awesome gameroom around.  I’m a frequent beneficiary of their hospitality – which includes lots of pinball and cold refreshments. Back in 2008, they requested that I shoot their gameroom for inclusion in a feature article in Gameroom Magazine.  […]

Surfin’ Bird

This was taken at a little beach just outside of Hana on Maui.  We had driven to see the Seven Sacred Pools for the afternoon and stopped by this little locals beach on the way back.  There were several locals out surfing on a beautiful fall day – and this young lady was one of […]

The Olympic Black Tusk

I’m sure this statue has a name – I just don’t know what it is.  What I do know is that it’s the Olympic Logo statue that is located at the peak of Whistler Mountain.  Whistler is going to be the site of all the skiing events for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics – so […]

Disney Night

This shot was taken at Disney World back in January just outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  We were waiting in a long line to get on the ride and I had enough time to look around a little and see all the great colors and converging lines overhead.  It was also fun to see […]

A Rare Self-Portrait

Okay – it’s not much of a self portrait.  For the record – I’m the tall one in the middle.  This was taken in front of our hotel in La Jolla, CA as we were walking along the beach the day before my sister’s wedding.  We were standing here watching seals play in the surf […]

Love in the Air

I was asked to do an engagement sitting for Jacqie and Dan this fall.  We had planned on spending most of the day shooting at the Minnesota Landscape arboretum, but got sidetracked in the studio doing formals – which turned out great, btw. We were able to run over there and get some great shots […]

Jaws of Death

This is a pretty iconic shot from one of the most ghastly places on the planet – Birkenau (Auschwitz II).  Auschwitz I had a strangely college campus feel about it – but not here.  Everything about it was unpleasant – and we were temporary visitors.  If the former tenants could see out of their cattle […]