Hawaiian Dawn

This shot was taken on my second morning in Hawaii.  We were staying near the Wailea Golf Resort and the closest beach to us was Uala beach.  The nice part of the beach and the snorkeling reef is just left of where this shot was taken.  The island in the background is Lanae.  Since this […]

Cello, Dolly!

I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon with the Sheard family in the T3 Imagery studios in mid-January.  Their daughter Madeline is  a cello student and they brought her instrument along for the shoot.  To set up the shot, I put plexiglass down over the seamless white paper to get the nice reflections.  I used my […]

Abstract Sand Patterns

This was a picture taken while waiting for ‘the big event‘.  We had hiked down to Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula – and we had an hour or so before sunset.  To fill the time, I explored the beach looking for something.. anything.. to shoot.  I found the patterns made by the water running […]

It’s a Neighborly Thing

These are my neighbors.  They came over to get some nice family photographs of themselves and their two girls to use for a Christmas card shot.  After shooting away at the girls, I had the whole family join in for this family portrait.  I used standard seamless white paper for the background and a Canon […]

Under The Bridge One Time

This picture is of the underside of the Hennepin Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River coming out of downtown Minneapolis.  I was on a scouting mission for Minneathlon 2.0 with my friends Matt and Erik as we passed underneath the bridge on Nicollet Island.  I love the converging lines and the reflections coming off the […]

A Ford of July Parade

My family and I spent the Fourth of July this year the way my wife spent it as a child – on Whidbey Island, WA.  Heather’s best friend’s family owns a cabin a block from a beach in a small community on the south end of the island.  The island does an old fashioned 4th […]

Maui’s Dawn

Hawaii is a fantastic place for a lazy landscape photographer.  In the world of landscape photography, there really is only two hours per day that matter – the hour around dawn and the hour around dusk.  I’ve never been accused of being early to rise – so catching sunrises is difficult for me.  When you […]

Ana’s Playground

My brother-in-law has a job that has to sound fun to anyone – he’s a stuntman.  In November, he came to Minneapolis to assist his good friend Eric Howell with the making of a film called Ana’s Playground.  It’s a short movie being filmed to raise awareness about child soldiers around the world. Todd invited […]

Bridal Bouquet

Time for another beautiful bridal shot.  This one was taken just moments before the ceremony started in a private little courtyard just behind the park where the wedding took place.  It was sort of tough conditions – direct Southern California sun at mid-afternoon.  This helped make a nice contrasty shot that translated well into this […]

Riverwalk Photowalk Reflections

New Year’s Resolution for 2009: Do More Photowalking. This shot was taken on the backwater side of Harriet Island near downtown Minneapolis.  I was on a lunchtime photowalk with some co-workers to catch some of the fall colors.  As we were taking the footbridge from Harriet Island to Boom Island Park, I saw the stillness […]