It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

Today’s picture was from a live music shoot that I did right before taking off to Colorado.  The band is Smokescreen – and the drummer Jesse is a very good friend of mine.  When I heard that they were playing within a reasonable distance of my house on a Saturday night, I made the trek […]

Clinging to Life

This picture is from the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  I was there to shoot the canyon.. but the light conditions were really unforgiving for capturing the harsh contrasts in the canyon.  The light was filtering through thin clouds making for ugly grey high contrast light.  As I was making one last […]

The Box Canyon at Ouray

We stopped to see the famous Box Canyon at Ouray, CO on our way through town on Sunday afternoon.   There is a set of metal stairs to get down to the floor of the canyon and the waterfall is tucked way in the back.  There really isn’t a way to take a great picture […]

Jeepers Creepers!

Here’s an action shot of Papa John creeping his way down a jeep trail in the San Juans at dusk.  We were descending from Engineer Pass late in the day trying to make it back to Animas Forks by the last rays of light.  This had the fantastic by-product of giving me great light to […]

Cash for Clunkers

  The amount of industrial age refuse in the San Juan mountains is staggering.  Mines, boom towns, and giant mills were born and died in the space of a couple of centuries a hundred years ago.  Some made it a little longer – most didn’t.  Want to know what they did with their debris?  Nothing! […]

California Gulch

  Today’s picture flies in the face of all conventional landscape photography wisdom.  I know this, because I tried doing it by the book and it wasn’t half – or even a quarter – as nice. Rule #1 in landscape photography: Thou shalt shoot at dawn or dusk – and none other – lest thou […]

I’d Like Your 29.99 Oil Change Special, Please!

Could you imagine the look on the highly paid technician at Jiffy Lube when this guy pulls in? I’ve got another railroad picture for you today.. this time, it’s in the shops in Chama, NM.  This is the Cumbres and Toltec shop where they give each engine a once-over before sending it out for another […]

The Aspen Express

When I set off for Colorado nearly a week ago, I went with the intentions of getting some awesome landscape shots to add to my catalog.  What happened instead is that I ended up spending two days chasing trains with my dad (It’s one of his favorite activities) and getting some really nice railroad images. […]

Ride ‘Em Cowboy Slim!

Now here is something you don’t see every day.. Shortly after the train from Antonito, CO went past on its way to Chama, NM, this cowboy who had been working in the corral by the tracks went galloping at us at full speed.  He spurred the horse up and over a rocky embankment before plunging […]

T3 Imagery On The Road

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.. T3 Imagery is on the road getting some great new content for the coming weeks. It is tough work keeping up with posting a quality picture every day.. so I have to keep shooting. Currently, T3 Imagery is in Colorado and New Mexico.. and I’ve got some awesome […]