Whitefish Dunes

This shot was a first for me – it was the first time my wife came with on a dawn shoot.  We were in Door County for our 5 year wedding anniversary – and I couldn’t resist trying to get a little work done while I was there.  Fortunately, this spot was a reasonable walk […]

My State Fair is a Great State Fair

It’s apparently abstract week here at T3 Imagery – this makes two in a row.  I really dig this shot because of the color and the feeling of motion you get – it just screams “FAIR!”.  This one wasn’t shot with my DSLR, or even my point ‘n shoot – it was shot with the […]

Watercolor Wedding

Today’s shot is admittedly a little different.  This was a title screen for a wedding video that I shot at my friend JP’s wedding a few years ago.  I always thought it looked really cool – and when I stumbled across it today, I thought it would be a fun change of pace for my […]


Here’s little Susanna – a cute little girl that came to the T3 Imagery studios last week for a photoshoot with her 3-year-old brother Gus.  Like most 9-month-olds, it’s hard to get her to stay in one spot for long.  Once we gave her the little bouquet of lilies, she just sat transfixed by them […]

Venice Skyline

This isn’t the standard view of Venice – it’s nowhere near the Grand Canal.  It’s back in one of the neighborhoods and the shot was taken out the window of the apartment we stayed in.  It was a cool spot – because real Venetians lived around us.  It was November – so it was pretty […]

Chillin’ at the BBBB

Here’s one from our weekend – spent Boating on the St. Croix River, Biking through the hills of Wisconsin, Barbeque-ing, and hanging on the Beach.  All this was done with the Balance crew.  Throw all those B’s together – and you get the BBBB!  The weather was absolutely perfect – and frankly, I was having […]

Keeping Cinque Terre Safe

As you walk down the final parts of the Via del Amore’ in Cinque Terre into Monterosso, if you look on the left at the base of the castle you see a cool bit of history left over from World War II.  During WWII, the Germans built the low rounded bunker to defend the coastline […]

The Spooky Tree

There are lots of cool things to shoot at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – pretty much every place you aim the camera.  This cool gnarly spooky-lookin’ tree hadn’t quite got leaves yet this spring when this picture was taken making it look all that much more spooky. Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 […]

The Fall Glow

One of my favorite location is on the backwaters of the Mississippi just across from downtown Minneapolis.  This spot is on the iron railroad bridge leading from Nicollet Island to Boom Island.  This was taken on a gray fall day over my lunch hour – and I was on a photowalk with my co-workers.  This […]

What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?

Based on the popularity of my shot from Wednesday, I’m going to post another one of my neon sign shots from this spring.  As neon goes, it’s hard to find a place that has more than Sex World!  I’m sure at some level it wasn’t very smart taking these pictures – I can see a […]