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Stars and Cars

Last 4th of July, my family and I were on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington staying with our friend Beth.  That little community pulled out all of the stops – parades, contests, food, and of course.. fireworks.  I’ve never seen so many fireworks.  At the end of the parade, there was a formation […]

Oh Buoy!

This picture was taken in Rockport, MA right near the famous Motif #1 in the inner harbor.  There’s an old photography adage that says “If you see something colorful, take a picture of it.”  This absolutely screams color – and it really sums the town up.  Rockport is a lobster fishing town turned tourist destination […]

Cuppa Joe

Sometimes some of the coolest details are the smallest details.  This little icon is only about 2 inches by three inches – and it’s painted on a 2 foot tall wall.  I’m not sure how I spotted it – that’s way below my line of sight with my 2000mm frame.  This coffee emoticon is located […]

Out the Window

For those that don’t know me well – I’ve got a strange fascination with fenestration.  I love the word “defenestration”, so much so that I named my other blog “The Defenestrator”.  Liberally, it means “to throw something out a window”.  I had to make a pilgrimage to Prague to visit the site of the one […]

The Fat Man

This picture is one from the archives of pre-history.  It’s pre-DSLR, and pre-had-a-clue… not that I’ve got one now.  It was taken on the sculpture bridge in Whistler Villiage.  It’s a small stereoscope viewer that looks at the little fat man at the end.  I’ve always thought this was kind of a cool shot – […]

Disney Night

This shot was taken at Disney World back in January just outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  We were waiting in a long line to get on the ride and I had enough time to look around a little and see all the great colors and converging lines overhead.  It was also fun to see […]

Fire Daisy

This is probably the simplest image I’ll ever post on the T3 Imagery photo blog.  It’s one long exposure of a single fireworks charge.  The usual goal of most fireworks photography is to capture as many bursts as possible.  I went a different route and went for simplicity.  The net result is that a number […]

Abstract Sand Patterns

This was a picture taken while waiting for ‘the big event‘.  We had hiked down to Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula – and we had an hour or so before sunset.  To fill the time, I explored the beach looking for something.. anything.. to shoot.  I found the patterns made by the water running […]