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Mishra's Helix

Mishra’s Helix

I love this.  I love the concept of it, I love that it exists.  I loved that somebody created it.  I love that somebody paid for it.  And, I love that I got to take a nice picture of it. What is it?  It’s a giant clock sculpture.  It works – it ticks, it chimes, […]

Here Lies St. Pete

Today’s image of the day was another shot capturing the grandeur that is St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.  This structure is the baldacchino – a one hundred foot pavilion marking the spot where it is believed that St. Peter is buried.  At one time it was thought to be the largest bronze structure in […]

Wedding Spot in Paradise

Today’s image is from the beautiful Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Jon and I had rented a boat for the day to look for large marine mammals so that Jon could shoot them with his underwater camera rig.  It seemed like a good idea for the first hour of the […]

Needs Curb Appeal

This is the Walsh House in Animas Forks, CO.  The Walsh house is the signature landmark in this well-preserved late-19th century ghost town just outside of Silverton, CO.  It’s on the scenic route that takes a 4WD tourist over Cinnamon and Engineer Pass, but it can be reached by a cautious passenger car driver that […]

Door County Haven

Here’s an image from an architectural shoot that I did recently in Door County, WI.  This is the little cabin that we stayed in for the weekend – and I was shooting it for the owner’s website.  The cabin is located right in Ephraim, Wi about a block from the waterfront. It’s surprisingly tricky to […]

Anderson’s Dock

Here’s another shot of the famous Anderson’s Dock boathouse in Ephraim, WI.  The city allows anybody to come and add their name to the building – as long as they don’t do anything offensive.  As I was shooting this building, an entire family with a stepladder was immortalizing themselves on the backside of the building. […]

Log Cabin Place

This is part of an architectural shoot that I did in Door County last weekend when I was there.  We were actually staying in this cabin – and I offered to shoot some really great shots of her place to help with marketing.  It was such a cute place that others should really see what […]