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Place of Refuge

Here is the first shot from my latest trip to Hawaii with Jon Cornforth.  We’re out here for 10 days on the Big Island doing a landscape shoot in some of the most dramatic and beautiful regions the US has to offer.  Yesterday we scouted and shot on the coastline near Place of Refuge National […]

California Gulch

  Today’s picture flies in the face of all conventional landscape photography wisdom.  I know this, because I tried doing it by the book and it wasn’t half – or even a quarter – as nice. Rule #1 in landscape photography: Thou shalt shoot at dawn or dusk – and none other – lest thou […]

Motif #1

This is *the* shot from Rockport.  You’ve seen it before – it’s pretty hard to miss.  It’s still fun to take a shot at getting an interesting shot of this icon.  It’s a crab shack that has been photographed or painted millions of times.  I first shot it back in the fall of 2000 with […]

Acorn Street, Boston

This is a picture of Acorn Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  It apparently has the distinction of being the most photographed street in Boston.  I had actually never heard of it – but by searching through SmugMug for good photo locations, I stumbled across it.  It’s a good thing, too – because […]

Rockport Dinghys

This shot was taken in Rockport, MA shortly before sundown last night.  The building in the background is a very famous subject – it’s called Motif #1 and there are zillions of paintings, drawings, and pictures of that thing.  In reality, it’s a crab fishing shack. This is proof positive of the old adage “To […]

The Dragon’s Teeth

I’m going to share a couple of interesting tidbits about landscape photography with this shot.  This rock formation is called “The Dragon’s Teeth” and it is located near Lahaina on the island of Maui. One good way to find locations to shoot is to look at other photographers work from that area – figure out […]

San Diego Dawn

You’ll want to be sure to click on this image – it is absolutely loaded with detail once you enlarge it! This is a panoramic shot of the San Diego cityscape taken moments before dawn.  Jon Cornforth and I were set up on the ferry pier at Coronado Island across the bay from downtown.  We […]

Sand Verbenas

We returned to the Motherload last night to give it one last shot at making a memorable picture.  It was a hot, dry day in Borrego Springs – and these conditions really took a toll on the wildflowers.  The amount of wilting made it clear that we really only had one more crack at getting […]

Vernazza Harbor

This picture is of the harbor in Vernazza, Italy – the 4th town in the Cinque Terre.  The Cinque Terre is a unique and picturesque area in northwestern Italy made up of five small towns linked by hiking trails and a rail line.  We stayed in Vernazza in November, 2007 for a few days to […]