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The Writing Is On The Wall

Here is one of the iconic spots in Wisconsin’s beautiful Door County.  It is Anderson’s Dock in Ephraim, WI.  Back in the old days, the winners of the yacht race would paint their boat name/team name on the building.  Today, anybody can write their name on the building, provided some simple rules and respect are […]

Venice Skyline

This isn’t the standard view of Venice – it’s nowhere near the Grand Canal.  It’s back in one of the neighborhoods and the shot was taken out the window of the apartment we stayed in.  It was a cool spot – because real Venetians lived around us.  It was November – so it was pretty […]

The Fall Glow

One of my favorite location is on the backwaters of the Mississippi just across from downtown Minneapolis.  This spot is on the iron railroad bridge leading from Nicollet Island to Boom Island.  This was taken on a gray fall day over my lunch hour – and I was on a photowalk with my co-workers.  This […]

What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?

Based on the popularity of my shot from Wednesday, I’m going to post another one of my neon sign shots from this spring.  As neon goes, it’s hard to find a place that has more than Sex World!  I’m sure at some level it wasn’t very smart taking these pictures – I can see a […]

Sign O’ The Times

This is a shot from a photowalk I went on in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis.  One of the themes I was shooting was neon signs – and there’s a lot of them down there.  This is the Edina Realty sign on Washington Ave – from what I recall.  I also applied a Holga-like effect […]

The Vltava Waterfront

The Vltava River runs right through Prague, Czech Republic.  Heather and I were there in June, 2006 – just a few short months before our family became three.  Prague is a beautiful city – the communists managed to not screw all of it up!  This shot was taken near the opera house and is just […]

Palazzo Communale

Siena is one of the real gems of Italy.  It’s got the most eye-popping cathedral in Italy bar none.  It’s got a great medieval feel.  And, it’s got the perfect piazza.  That’s the town square – not a dish with crust, sauce and cheese – though I’m sure you can get a good one of […]

Royales St. Hubert

Today’s shot is from Brussels, Belgium.  I took it on a trip back in fall of 2003 as part of a two week jaunt through the ‘low countries’.  This was the first day of the trip – and I had the beginnings of a raging head cold starting to hit.  This is Royales St. Hubert […]

Reflections of Rockport

Here’s the old harbor at Rockport, MA captured right at sunset.  When it comes to landscape photography – only two times a day matter.  Those two times are dawn and dusk – because that’s the time when the light is the most appealing.  About a minute after this shot was taken, the sun went behind […]

Lookin’ up Acorn Street

Here’s one last shot from my Acorn Street series – this one shot from the foot of the one-block historic alley.  By this time, it was late enough in the morning that shooting from the top really wasn’t feasible due to the angle of the light. I love the angle and perspective of the shot […]