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It’s the Ghost Light!

No, it’s not the moon.  It’s actually a Sno-Cat out doing the nightly grooming runs on Blackcomb Mountain.  Every night you can see several of these methodically working their way up and down the mountain getting the corderoy ready for the next morning.  Like many ski resort towns – Whistler has itself all decked out […]

I’ve Been Working

This is another image taken last fall at the same time I made this image: The Bridge To Somewhere.  It’s the Nicollet Island Railway bridge to downtown Minneapolis.  The framing is a little different and less dramatic – but it looks better in color.  I purposely gave this the classic Velvia look to make the […]

Zakim Bridge

When I flew into Boston, I got there right before dusk.  As I was leaving the airport – I saw the most spectacular sunset shaping up.  I got parked near the North End and sprinted to the first reasonably good photo location – right in the middle of a bouncy iron bridge.  It was over […]

Acorn Path

Here’s the most photographed and toughest to get to street in Boston once again.  It’s Acorn Street, located in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.   This time, I’m ‘low and wide’ – shooting at 17mm about a foot off the ground to exaggerate the foreground and the length of the road.  It gives it […]

The Old Harbor

When I visited here in 2002, I shot a really cool panoramic of this harbor in Rockport, MA.  I intended to re-shoot this under better light at dusk when I was in Boston last week.  Since I didn’t have a panhead, I had a challenge ahead of me since it’s really tough to get a […]

The North End

One of my favorite places to go in the Boston area is the North End.  This is an Italian enclave where there are so many restaurants packed so close together that you can smell the garlic walking down the street.  Until recently, it was virtually cut off from Boston by the freeways.  Now that the […]

Acorn Street, Boston

This is a picture of Acorn Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  It apparently has the distinction of being the most photographed street in Boston.  I had actually never heard of it – but by searching through SmugMug for good photo locations, I stumbled across it.  It’s a good thing, too – because […]

Siena Staircase

Where do you stay when you visit a romantic Tuscan medieval town?  In a nunnery, of course!  In the case of Siena, the sisters at Alma Domus have the best deal in town.  It’s cheap, clean, and has a great view of the town.  This is the staircase to Alma Domus (on the left) with […]

Dusk in San Diego

Since I’m here – I thought it would be good to post one from here.  No – it wasn’t taken on this trip, but does it matter?  I don’t actually have any camera gear along this trip – except for a little Canon G9 which hasn’t left my briefcase.  This one was taken in March […]

A Date With Destiny

Kind of a small picture today for you – but one with a lot of impact.  Okay, second stupid joke in as many days.  The watermelon pictured had only a few hundredths of a seconds left on this mortal coil before splattering itself in a 15 foot radius.  What’s the story with the picture?  It […]