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Mother’s Day at the Farmer’s Market

What better place to find color than the Farmer’s Market?  In the early morning light, the floral blooms are explosive.  Though it looks beautiful out, it was barely over 40 degrees and it was a pretty chilly morning.  We had our traditional cinnamon roll and breatfast sausage – then went about the serious business of […]

Manarola Harbor

Another post from the Cinque Terre area – this time it’s town #2, Manarola.  This shot was actually taken from the town cemetary perched high above the town and the sea below.  I gotta say – it would be quite a place to spend eternity!  We briefly stopped here for a little pizza and wine […]

View from the Taj

Sometimes you just have to shoot out of your hotel window. This is the first thing I saw on my first morning in India.  I arrived way after midnight and it took literally hours to get my bags.  By the time I got to the hotel, it was somewhere around 3:30 AM.  Fortunately I didn’t […]

The Lost Cherry

This fountain outside the Walker art center is a Minneapolis landmark.  No postcard rack is complete without a picture of this fountain sculpture next to the linden seed pond.  If you came looking for it now – you wouldn’t find it.  It seems they have removed the cherry for painting.  It looks strange just seeing […]

Cuppa Joe

Sometimes some of the coolest details are the smallest details.  This little icon is only about 2 inches by three inches – and it’s painted on a 2 foot tall wall.  I’m not sure how I spotted it – that’s way below my line of sight with my 2000mm frame.  This coffee emoticon is located […]

Ponte Vecchio

This is the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy.  It is one of the most iconic location in this historic city.  This is a pretty stereotypical shot – but it’s nice due to the absence of people in the shot.  I wish the sky was a little more interesting – but you have to […]


I’m really not sure what’s keeping this decrepit smokestack upright.  It looks heavy and the guy wires plainly aren’t doing anything.  I’m guessing the architects learned everything they needed know know buy studying here.  This dying smokestack is in the warehouse district not far from where I work.  I took the picture while on a […]

The Little Charles Bridge

More faux tilt-shift tomfoolery here.  Sure, the right way to do it is courtesy of Mr. Scheimpflug – but you can fake it with Photoshop.  This is an actual picture of the Charles Bridge in Prague that was digitally manipulated using selective blur to make it appear as a miniature – to great effect. To […]

San Diego Dawn

You’ll want to be sure to click on this image – it is absolutely loaded with detail once you enlarge it! This is a panoramic shot of the San Diego cityscape taken moments before dawn.  Jon Cornforth and I were set up on the ferry pier at Coronado Island across the bay from downtown.  We […]

The Other Side

This image was captured as I was on a scouting mission for Minneathlon 2.0.  I was out hiking with Erik Anderson and Matt Tilstra looking for good challenge locations right at dusk.  This was my view of the skyline as we were walking back to the office.  It’s not the most common view of the […]