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Number Eighty One

This my friends is Number Eighty One.  She’s a Wissota B-Modified dirt track stock car – and she’s the pride of Jared Boumeester of Waseca, MN.  Jared just finished building this Skyrocket-framed beast and yesterday was her maiden voyage at the Deer Creek Speedway in southeastern Minnesota.  I was in Waseca yesterday to have my […]

Cash for Clunkers #2

This ancient pickup has certainly seen better days.. probably about 75 years worth of better days.  The remains of this pickup is sitting at almost 12,000 feet above sea level – it is just above Animas Forks on the way to California Gulch.  It is so fun shooting in the San Juan mountains – there […]

The Writing Is On The Wall

Here is one of the iconic spots in Wisconsin’s beautiful Door County.  It is Anderson’s Dock in Ephraim, WI.  Back in the old days, the winners of the yacht race would paint their boat name/team name on the building.  Today, anybody can write their name on the building, provided some simple rules and respect are […]

Needs Curb Appeal

This is the Walsh House in Animas Forks, CO.  The Walsh house is the signature landmark in this well-preserved late-19th century ghost town just outside of Silverton, CO.  It’s on the scenic route that takes a 4WD tourist over Cinnamon and Engineer Pass, but it can be reached by a cautious passenger car driver that […]

Cash for Clunkers

  The amount of industrial age refuse in the San Juan mountains is staggering.  Mines, boom towns, and giant mills were born and died in the space of a couple of centuries a hundred years ago.  Some made it a little longer – most didn’t.  Want to know what they did with their debris?  Nothing! […]

Keeping Cinque Terre Safe

As you walk down the final parts of the Via del Amore’ in Cinque Terre into Monterosso, if you look on the left at the base of the castle you see a cool bit of history left over from World War II.  During WWII, the Germans built the low rounded bunker to defend the coastline […]

I’ve Been Working

This is another image taken last fall at the same time I made this image: The Bridge To Somewhere.  It’s the Nicollet Island Railway bridge to downtown Minneapolis.  The framing is a little different and less dramatic – but it looks better in color.  I purposely gave this the classic Velvia look to make the […]

A Date With Destiny

Kind of a small picture today for you – but one with a lot of impact.  Okay, second stupid joke in as many days.  The watermelon pictured had only a few hundredths of a seconds left on this mortal coil before splattering itself in a 15 foot radius.  What’s the story with the picture?  It […]

Wheels of Yesteryear

Today was my mother’s birthday – and we spent it as a family together in Waseca.  During the afternoon, we went to Farmamerica – an Agricultural Interpretive Center because they were having a family day with a petting zoo.  William had great fun milking a goat, looking at pigs and ducks, and getting inside the […]

Lake of the Dead

Sorry Charlie – I can’t remember exactly what lake this is.  I do know that it’s very near Flying Lake just off the Gunflint Trail.  I seriously think a swamp wraith lives in there someplace.  Heather and I were on our way in for 5 days of canoeing with our friends the Tufvanders when we […]