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Under the Bridge One Time

This bridge is just south of Mankato on the way to Rapidan.  It’s now a very nice bike trail that we took advantage of to get in one last ride before the winter hit.  It was a beautiful late-October day and we got in about 15 miles of riding with the entire family.  This bridge […]


These hog buildings are located down on the family farm near Blue Earth.  It’s hard to believe that these are some of the better buildings on the farm.  These were a little tough to get to up until recently since the entire area was overgrown until my brother cleared the way. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]


I’m really not sure what’s keeping this decrepit smokestack upright.  It looks heavy and the guy wires plainly aren’t doing anything.  I’m guessing the architects learned everything they needed know know buy studying here.  This dying smokestack is in the warehouse district not far from where I work.  I took the picture while on a […]

Built to Last

The don’t build ’em like they used to, do they?  This is another view of the railway bridge featured in an earlier shot, The Bridge to Somewhere.  The bridge is located just northeast of downtown Minneapolis and leads from Nicollet Island to the Warehouse District.  This shot is a study in the interesting parallel lines […]

The End is Near

There isn’t much left of the barn on our family farm.  A series of wind storms has pushed the structure to near death – one good gust could finish it off.  This is almost a study in negative space – the space where the hayloft should be.  The inside of this barn was featured previously […]

Just One Windstorm Away

My grandfather was a farmer.  Back in those days, farmers were a lot more generalized – and he raised everything from crops to cows and everything in between.  As a result, he needed a lot of outbuildings – barns, chicken coops, pig barns, and so forth.  This picture is whats left of the cow barn.  […]

Where’s My Mule?

Old farms are photography gold – everywhere you look, there’s some bit of nostalgic decay.  Our family farm has been in the family for over a hundred years – but it’s been thirty years since it’s been a working farm.  Therefore, everything is busily returning to the earth.  When I visited the family farm last […]