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The Box Canyon at Ouray

We stopped to see the famous Box Canyon at Ouray, CO on our way through town on Sunday afternoon.   There is a set of metal stairs to get down to the floor of the canyon and the waterfall is tucked way in the back.  There really isn’t a way to take a great picture […]

Door County Haven

Here’s an image from an architectural shoot that I did recently in Door County, WI.  This is the little cabin that we stayed in for the weekend – and I was shooting it for the owner’s website.  The cabin is located right in Ephraim, Wi about a block from the waterfront. It’s surprisingly tricky to […]

Venice Skyline

This isn’t the standard view of Venice – it’s nowhere near the Grand Canal.  It’s back in one of the neighborhoods and the shot was taken out the window of the apartment we stayed in.  It was a cool spot – because real Venetians lived around us.  It was November – so it was pretty […]

Keeping Cinque Terre Safe

As you walk down the final parts of the Via del Amore’ in Cinque Terre into Monterosso, if you look on the left at the base of the castle you see a cool bit of history left over from World War II.  During WWII, the Germans built the low rounded bunker to defend the coastline […]

The Fall Glow

One of my favorite location is on the backwaters of the Mississippi just across from downtown Minneapolis.  This spot is on the iron railroad bridge leading from Nicollet Island to Boom Island.  This was taken on a gray fall day over my lunch hour – and I was on a photowalk with my co-workers.  This […]

Palazzo Communale

Siena is one of the real gems of Italy.  It’s got the most eye-popping cathedral in Italy bar none.  It’s got a great medieval feel.  And, it’s got the perfect piazza.  That’s the town square – not a dish with crust, sauce and cheese – though I’m sure you can get a good one of […]

The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

In honor of Elden who loves religous architecture – I’m doing back-to-back churches after yesterday’s shot of St. Peter’s Cathedral.  This is the the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, located rather obviously in Assisi.  It was raining like crazy when this shot was taken – I had to whip the camera out and fire […]

Every Rose Has Its Storms

I really can’t believe it didn’t storm up into something nasty last night – it was Africa-hot around my house last evening.  The skies looked pretty nasty right around sunset, too – so I had to run out and shoot SOMETHING!  Being that I was watching the little ones – I was pretty limited on […]

Greatest Hits – The Colosseum in Rome

As usual on Fridays, I’m re-running some of my favorite shots. This one is obviously the interior of the famous Colosseum in Rome.  I love it because of the amount of detail visible – you can see clearly into the pits as well as the brightly lit areas on the wall.  This was achieved by […]