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The Old Fence at the Farm

This shot has a lot of nostalgia in it since it was taken at my grandfather’s farm where my brother now lives.  The skyline is different now than I remember – the old barn would have been in the scene in the background on the right.  This photo is a three-shot HDR bracketed at +/- […]

The Edge of Assisi

This photo was taken during a self-guided walking tour of Assisi courtesy of Rick Steves.  As we were walking along the edge of the city, the old stone houses in front of the Umbrian countryside made a great vista to photograph.  Though this ultimately turned into a high dynamic range photo (HDR), I didn’t shoot […]

The Flavian Ampitheater – HDR Style

Most people know of this place as the Colosseum, though it’s official name is the Flavian Ampitheater.  This was shot at high noon in November in Rome – so a normal exposure was impossible.  The left side of the picture was blown out, the right side was blackness.  To solve, I shot three exposures from […]