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The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

In honor of Elden who loves religous architecture – I’m doing back-to-back churches after yesterday’s shot of St. Peter’s Cathedral.  This is the the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, located rather obviously in Assisi.  It was raining like crazy when this shot was taken – I had to whip the camera out and fire […]


I don’t care what religion you are – it’s really tough to not be blown away in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  What it lacks in sublety is made up for in spades by grandiosity.  For anyone that hasn’t been there – that altar is roughly a football field away and as tall as a […]

Manarola Peschereccio

We’re back!  Sorry for the short outage over the weekend – Apache wasn’t happy and the wizards behind the scenes at T3 Imagery had to make the appropriate sacrifices to get ‘er running again.  Thanks to Wizard Erik for the support! Today’s shot is from Manarola in the Cinque Terre.  It’s one of the five […]

Motif Number One Number Two

Here’s another look at the famous Motif #1 at Rockport, MA.  This time, I’m shooting from basically right behind the Lobster shack on Bearskin Neck in what is the smallest public park I think I’ve ever seen.  It was about the last possible moment to get a good picture – about five minutes later the […]

Motif #1

This is *the* shot from Rockport.  You’ve seen it before – it’s pretty hard to miss.  It’s still fun to take a shot at getting an interesting shot of this icon.  It’s a crab shack that has been photographed or painted millions of times.  I first shot it back in the fall of 2000 with […]

Rockport Dinghys

This shot was taken in Rockport, MA shortly before sundown last night.  The building in the background is a very famous subject – it’s called Motif #1 and there are zillions of paintings, drawings, and pictures of that thing.  In reality, it’s a crab fishing shack. This is proof positive of the old adage “To […]

Greatest Hits – The Colosseum in Rome

As usual on Fridays, I’m re-running some of my favorite shots. This one is obviously the interior of the famous Colosseum in Rome.  I love it because of the amount of detail visible – you can see clearly into the pits as well as the brightly lit areas on the wall.  This was achieved by […]

Siena Staircase

Where do you stay when you visit a romantic Tuscan medieval town?  In a nunnery, of course!  In the case of Siena, the sisters at Alma Domus have the best deal in town.  It’s cheap, clean, and has a great view of the town.  This is the staircase to Alma Domus (on the left) with […]


This shot is from the Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Bloomington.  I made it on Saturday morning as the family was visiting Heather’s mother to say Happy Mother’s Day.  There isn’t much else to be said for the shot – 0ther than that this is a strong reminder of the sacrifices made by our heroes. […]

Orvieto Hillside

The hill town of Orvieto is between Rome and Tuscany in central Italy.  These towns are built on plateaus – presumably for security in ancient times.  Orvieto was frequently used as a refuge by the Pope when the going got rough.  This shot is of some medieval ruins near the funicular station. Vital Stats: Canon […]