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I get thirsty just thinkin’ about it.

I’ve shot this sign literally dozens of times – because it’s only a couple of blocks from my office.  It’s a landmark that was erected on Nicollet Island in about 1940 and still survives – though the brand is now brewed by Schell’s in New Ulm, MN.  Due to it being a grey late fall […]

Night canals in Venice

This picture was taken during my November, 2007 trip to Italy with my family.  Once the rest of my family turned in for the evening, I went out with my gear to get some night canal shots in Venice.  It was probably around 35 degrees F when I took this shot – so my hands […]

Symbols of Evil

There are times when you walk around the ‘campus’ of Auschwitz that it’s hard to believe what happened there.  60 years later, it’s more like a quiet tree-lined college campus than the death factory that it was under the Nazis.  Still, everywhere you looked – there were reminders such as the scene above. Vital Stats: […]

The Flavian Ampitheater – HDR Style

Most people know of this place as the Colosseum, though it’s official name is the Flavian Ampitheater.  This was shot at high noon in November in Rome – so a normal exposure was impossible.  The left side of the picture was blown out, the right side was blackness.  To solve, I shot three exposures from […]

Standing Guard

A statue originally standing atop the Hungarian “Statue of Liberty” rescued from destruction at the fall of Communism.  It’s now on display at Szaborpark at the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary.  It took an hour and several bus connections to make it out to the park. Vital Stats: Canon Rebel XT w/Canon 17-85mm lens @ 41mm.  […]