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Hawaiian Dawn

This shot was taken on my second morning in Hawaii.  We were staying near the Wailea Golf Resort and the closest beach to us was Uala beach.  The nice part of the beach and the snorkeling reef is just left of where this shot was taken.  The island in the background is Lanae.  Since this […]

Maui’s Dawn

Hawaii is a fantastic place for a lazy landscape photographer.  In the world of landscape photography, there really is only two hours per day that matter – the hour around dawn and the hour around dusk.  I’ve never been accused of being early to rise – so catching sunrises is difficult for me.  When you […]

Riverwalk Photowalk Reflections

New Year’s Resolution for 2009: Do More Photowalking. This shot was taken on the backwater side of Harriet Island near downtown Minneapolis.  I was on a lunchtime photowalk with some co-workers to catch some of the fall colors.  As we were taking the footbridge from Harriet Island to Boom Island Park, I saw the stillness […]

Ice Cream Night

We joined the Tufvanders and the Tjornhoms at the Landscape Arboretum for Ice Cream Night and a picnic.  Right around dusk, a nasty looking squall blew through but failed to produce anything other than some strong wind gusts.  As we were heading to the car, the bright light from the setting sun made a big […]

Nurse Log at the Hoh

You wouldn’t think sun would be a problem in a rainforest, would you?  The day we went to the Hoh rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, it was a beautiful spring day.  It would have been the perfect day for everything – except rain forest photos.  Regardless, I still like this shot – it […]

The Backside of Vernazza

This is not the most famous view of Vernazza.  If you look up Vernazza (the 4th town of Cinque Terre in Italy), the view you usually get is the other side with the picture-perfect harbor.  Trust me, I’ve got that shot too.  This one was taken as we were leaving Vernazza on the trail to […]

The Old Fence at the Farm

This shot has a lot of nostalgia in it since it was taken at my grandfather’s farm where my brother now lives.  The skyline is different now than I remember – the old barn would have been in the scene in the background on the right.  This photo is a three-shot HDR bracketed at +/- […]

The Edge of Assisi

This photo was taken during a self-guided walking tour of Assisi courtesy of Rick Steves.  As we were walking along the edge of the city, the old stone houses in front of the Umbrian countryside made a great vista to photograph.  Though this ultimately turned into a high dynamic range photo (HDR), I didn’t shoot […]

A Snowy Morning

For Christmas Evening, I picked a nice wintry scene.  I tried to find one from Christmas – but can you believe I’ve got nothing better than a snapshot from any of our Christmas gatherings?  I’m apparently too busy focusing on the revelry. This picture was taken on my way to work one wintry morning.  I […]

Northern Lights in the South Metro

About a month after I moved from south Minneapolis to the outer ring suburb of Chaska, my friend Scott called and told me to grab a camera and run outside.  There was a blazing display of Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) going on – painting the sky almost completely overhead.  Being early […]