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Hoarfrost in Minnesota

Today marked a milestone of sorts – it’s the first time in two years that we had a heavy hoarfrost and I didn’t have a prior commitment that kept me from going out to shoot it.  I anticipated we’d get some last night since a pea-soup fog rolled in last evening.  When I woke up […]

Desolate Shelter

It doesn’t get any more accommodating than this, folks!  This, and a 2-story outhouse (yes, really) are all that greet you when you make the brutal 4-mile hike to Ka’aha.  It isn’t much – it’s a three sided lean-to with dirt floors that is home to all manner of beasties that want to get out […]

Ka’aha Waves

Here is a beautiful dawn image from Ka’aha in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This was taken during my recent photo trip to Hawaii with Jon Cornforth. Jon suggested this area since it’s pretty and it’s pretty tough to get to.  It was only a 4-mile hike, but in the four […]

Kohala Valley

“Do you ever think to yourself: Why the @#$^ doesn’t my good camera take pictures this nice?” -Jon Cornforth, near Hawi, Hawaii This picture was made on the iPhone using what was easily my iPhone photo app of the year – Autostitch.  Autostitch is an app that takes several iPhone images The results that this […]

One Last Evening in Paradise

On my last evening in Hawaii, Jon and I made our third trek out to Place of Refuge (known locally as Pu’uhonua O Honaunau).  The conditions and satellite predicted that we might not get the daily onslaught of vog, so we made a point of being in position if the light conditions materialized.  As we […]

Kapoho Tidepools

Patience and persistence does pay off! I’ve been in Hawaii for a week and had yet to see an interesting sunrise – until this morning.  Jon and I got up at about 5:30 to drive down to the tidepools in Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It had rained quite a bit overnight and […]

The Ka’aha Coastline

For the past couple of days, Jon Cornforth and I have been backpacking to an area called Ka’aha in Volcanos National Park.  It is a spot that isn’t often photographed because it’s very difficult to get to.  The 5.5 miles to get to this spot is some of the most unforgiving terrain Hawaii has to […]

One Dark and Voggy Evening

No.. Voggy wasn’t a typo.  I frankly had never heard of “vog” until I got to Hawaii either.  What’s “vog” you say?  Well, it’s really an Al Gore-style inconvenient truth, Mother Nature-style.  The word is a mashup of “volcanic fog”.. or VOG!  All the volcanoes in Hawaii constantly belch greenhouse gases, sulfur dioxide, and a […]

Place of Refuge

Here is the first shot from my latest trip to Hawaii with Jon Cornforth.  We’re out here for 10 days on the Big Island doing a landscape shoot in some of the most dramatic and beautiful regions the US has to offer.  Yesterday we scouted and shot on the coastline near Place of Refuge National […]

Michigan Tidepools

Can you really have tidepools on a freshwater lake?  I don’t know actually.. but if you could, it would be on Lake Michigan.  This picture was taken right at dawn on the shore of Lake Michigan in Door County.  The long erosion lines leading away bring your eyes on a journey into the picture and […]