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Last Rays of November

Now, why on earth don’t I get sunsets like this when I’m on a nature shoot?   The late November sunsets right off of my deck have been spectacular lately – and yesterday’s was no exception.  I was actually running out the door to go over to my wife’s cousin’s place when I saw this […]

Spooky Tree #2

Here is a picture from the west ridge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  I’ve featured this tree in another picture of the day – but this is a slightly different composition and framing than the first.  This picture was taken very near the end of my father’s patience for waiting for me – […]

To Hell You Ride

Back in the day.. and I mean the late 19th century day.. it was pretty difficult to get to the mining town of Telluride, CO.  The mule teams would haul you over Black Bear pass – a scenic but treacherous route through the San Juan mountains.  Today, that route is considered expert 4×4 terrain that […]

Afternoon at the Black Canyon

Here is another one of my shots from my trip to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  It’s not of the canyon itself, per se.. there are lots of interesting things to take pictures of on the rim of the canyon.  We just don’t have gnarly little trees here in the verdant Midwest – so […]

Autumn at the Black Canyon

This shoot was inspired by a true giant in the landscape photography world – Ron Niebrugge.  Ron posted some gorgeous shots taken at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison on his photo blog about two weeks before my trip to Colorado.  Since my route from Silverton to Denver would take me right through that area, […]

Clinging to Life

This picture is from the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  I was there to shoot the canyon.. but the light conditions were really unforgiving for capturing the harsh contrasts in the canyon.  The light was filtering through thin clouds making for ugly grey high contrast light.  As I was making one last […]

The Box Canyon at Ouray

We stopped to see the famous Box Canyon at Ouray, CO on our way through town on Sunday afternoon.   There is a set of metal stairs to get down to the floor of the canyon and the waterfall is tucked way in the back.  There really isn’t a way to take a great picture […]

Jeepers Creepers!

Here’s an action shot of Papa John creeping his way down a jeep trail in the San Juans at dusk.  We were descending from Engineer Pass late in the day trying to make it back to Animas Forks by the last rays of light.  This had the fantastic by-product of giving me great light to […]

California Gulch

  Today’s picture flies in the face of all conventional landscape photography wisdom.  I know this, because I tried doing it by the book and it wasn’t half – or even a quarter – as nice. Rule #1 in landscape photography: Thou shalt shoot at dawn or dusk – and none other – lest thou […]

Fire and Fog

It’s not my fault the spaghetti almost got burned!  Actually, it is my fault – I saw this sunset forming out of my kitchen window here in Chaska and had to take a picture of it.  After a lousy rainy day, the sunset was a beautiful one with streaks of red and gold high overhead.  […]